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Our Clients are our assets – therefore we put our Clients’ best interests first

Based in Riversdale, Western Cape, Hashtag Electrode (PTY) Ltd is growing fast thanks to the competent skills, resourcefulness and productiveness of our team.

Established January 2017

The owner, Jacques Visagie started his journey in the electrical world as an electrical operator at Unique Hydra in Goodwood, Cape Town, building decompression chambers. When they offered him the opportunity to follow a paid for electrical course in 2014, Jacques jumped at the opportunity. He completed the course successfully and received his Wireman’s Licence.

Today he is the proud owner of the Red Seal Certification, his own company of 10 employees, six vehicles and a good name in the trade doing business with well-known Building Contractors in the area. Jacques is a man with a vision as well as lots of drive. When an opportunity knocks on his door, he grabs it with both hands.

Our Vision

Our vision at Hashtag Electrode is to continue striving to become better by being heuristic in our approach to improve ourselves. As a team we grow together. We see the fruit of our hard work as our company grows stronger and we are proud to be part of Hashtag Electrode.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in ourselves, our abilities and the abilities of the team to continually improve ourselves as well as the company.
  • Our friendliness towards our clients are our top priority.
  • We believe in honesty, integrity, reliability, respect towards others, self-discipline and self-improvement.
  • At Hashtag Electrode we live and work by these beliefs.

Safety on Site

We understand the importance of safety on site for the protection of all workers. The mere nature of our job (electricity) is extremely dangerous and a building site can be a hazardous place if workers do not adhere to safety rules.

Therefore we keep an updated Health and Safety File (or Contractor Safety File) as prescribed by law. Here we keep record of our management of health and safety on site. We also regularly alert all our workers to the dangers of the job and on site and simply do not allow any unsafe practices.

Hashtag Electrical

Our Team

Here we are – men and women with courage, passion and persistence. Each one of us working hard to reach our long-term goals. Each one willing to go the extra mile for our clients. All proudly wearing the neat blue golf shirt and blue cap displaying our company name, including the office personnel. Each one in the team has an important role to play and each one is performing that role with dedication and diligence.

About Us-Hastag Electrical The Team


"I have been using the services of Hashtag Electrode since they started working in Stilbaai a few years ago. Being a contractor and project manager I can highly recommend their services"
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